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Courses - B.A. ENGLISH LIGIBILITY : A pass in the Higher Secondary Examination of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu or its equivalent recognized by the University of Madras. 
SUBJECTS COVERED : Elizabethan Age, Milton and the Neo Classical Age, Social History of England, Journalism, Romantic Age, Victorian Age, Literary Forms, Twentieth Century Literature, Grammar and Usage, History of English Literature and English Language, Shakespeare, Indian Writing in English, American Literature, Linguistics and Communication, Post-Colonial Literature, Phonetics and Phonology. JOB OPPORTUNITIES : Journalism, Teaching, Editing, Accent Training, Front Office, Publishing, Advertising, Free-Lancing, Proof Reading.
  • Dr.J.Joel,, M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D  - HOD 
  • Mrs. B.M. Anija Rani, M.A., M.Phil.
  • Mrs.K.V.Kumari, M.A., M.Phil.
  • Mrs.S.Poornima, M.A., M.Phil.
  • Ms.A.Ruby Elizabeth, M.A., M.Phil.
  • Mr.R.Lovelyn Raja, M.A., M.Phil.
  • Mrs.Kamalabhai Victoria, M.A.
  • Mr.Gobi Kanna ,M.A., M.Phil.
  • Ms.K.Kumari ,M.A., M.Phil.
  • Mr.M.Samuel Finny,M.A., M.Phil.
  • Mr.Dominic Joseph Dumenil,M.A., M.Phil. 


Courses - Bachelor of Commerce - B.Com. General ELIGIBILITY : A pass in the Higher Secondary Examination of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu or its equivalent recognized by the University of Madras. Knowledge in Accountancy preferred. 
SUBJECTS COVERED : I Sem- Financial Accounting, Business Communication, Business Economics, II Sem- Advanced Financial Accounting, Principles of Management, Indian Economy, III Sem-Corporate Accounting, Business Law, Banking Law and Practice, Marketing, Business Statistics and Operations Research, IV Sem-Advanced Corporate Accounting, Company Law, Financial Services, V Sem- Cost Accounting, Practical Auditing, Income Tax Law & Practice, Financial Management, Entrepreneurial Development, VI Sem-Advanced Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Business Environment, Human Resource Management. 
JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Audit / Accounts Assistant, Office Assistant, Marketing Executive, Front Office Executive, Dealing Assistant (Stock Exchange), Income Tax Officer, Excise / Customs Officer.
  • Dr.(Mrs.) N. Maithreyi, M.Com.,M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D. - HOD
  • Mr. P. Jayakumar, M.Com.,M.Phil.,MBA.
  • Ms. K. Sridevi, M.Com.,M.Phil.
  • Mrs. Shanthi Thomas, M.A (Eco), M.Phil.,B.Ed.,MBA.
  • Mrs. A. B. Lakshmi, M.Com.,M.Phil.,MBA.
  • Mr. R. Thirumavalavan, M.Com.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,
  • Mr. R. Venkatesan, M.Com.,M.Phil.,MBA.
  • Mr. K.S. Dineshkumar, M.Com., M.Phil.,MBA.
  • Mr. M. V. Nagarajan, M.Com., M.Phil.,M.B.A.,
  • Ms. M. Sumathi, M.Com., M.Phil.,
  • Mr. S. Jeba Jaskar, M.Com.,M.Phil.,
  • Mrs. G. Jayanthi, M.Com.,M.Phil.,
  • Ms. M. Shanthi, M.A.,M.Phil.,

Business Administration

Courses - Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA ELIGIBILITY: A pass in the Higher Secondary Examination of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu or its equivalent recognized by the University of Madras. SUBJECTS COVERED: Computer Applications in Business, International Trade, Business Regulatory Work, Marketing Research, Entrepreneurial Development, Human Resource Management, Financial Management & Services, Management Accounting, Business Mathematics & Statistics, Business Taxation System, Project Work & Institutional Training. 
JOB OPPORTUNITIES : Human Resource Manager, Public Relation Officer, Administrative Officer, Marketing Executive, Customer Care Executive, Marketing Research Assistant, Section Officer, Secretary to Manager, Supervisor.
  • Mrs. Mary Thomas, MBA., M.Phil., - HOD
  • Dr.Mr. G.Raju, M.Com., M.Phil.,MBA., M.A.(ECO)., M.A.(ENG)., Ph.D.
  • Mrs. C. Kala, MBA.,M.Phil.,
  • Dr.Mrs. S. Gomathi, MBA., M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • Mrs. M. Lakshmi Devi, MBA.,M.Phil.,MHRM.,
  • Dr. Mrs. S. Subbulakshmi, M. Com.,MBA., M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • Mrs. T. Beena, MBA, M.Phil.
  • Ms. M.Jackulin, MBA.
  • Mrs.R.Amirthavalli, M.Com.,MBA, M.Phil.
Association/Club The Department is actively supported by its association “Business Buzz Club”which provides a excellent exposure by arranging seminars, workshops, competitions. The Department also has a active Entrepreneurship cell functioning in the campus.

Computer Science & Applications

Courses -Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) & B.Sc. Computer Science. 
ELIGIBILITY : A pass in the Higher Secondary Examination of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu or its equivalent recognized by the University of Madras with Mathematics or Computer Science as one of the subjects. SUBJECTS COVERED : Digital Logic Fundamentals , Programming in C, Data Structures & Algorithms, OOPS with C++, Computer Graphics, Statistical & Numerical Methods, Visual Basic & Oracle, Resource Management Techniques, Operating Systems, PC Software, Software Engineering, Java Programming, Web Technology, Computer Architecture, Data Communication Networking. 
JOB OPPORTUNITIES : Professional in IT Institutions, System Administrator, MIS Operator, Programmer, Graphic & Multimedia Designer, Sales & Marketing Executive, Software Engineer, System Analyst, Office Assistant, Web Page Developer, Network Engineer, Quality Assurance & Testing Engineer.
  • Mrs. Shaila. M. Cherry, MCA.,M.Phil. - HOD
  • Mrs. Subashini. V, MCA.,M.Phil.,
  • Mrs. B. Bavani, MCA.,M.Phil.
  • Mrs. Susan Abraham, B.E.,M.Sc. (IT).,M.Phil.
  • Mr. Shibi Mathai, MCA. M.Phil.
  • Mrs. C.Umamaheswari, MCA.,M.Phil.
  • Ms. S.E. Ezhil Jasmine, M.Sc., M.Phil.
  • Mrs. R. Manjula,M.Sc.,M.Phil.
  • Mrs. S. Senthilarasi, M.Sc.,M.Phil.
  • Mr. G. Saravanan, M. Sc., M.Phil.
  • Mr. K. Govindarajan, MCA., M.Phil.
  • Mr. J.Dilli Babu MCA., M.Phil.
    System Analyst
  • Mr. Aji. K, PGDCA,HDHE,DIN.
Computer Lab & Microprocessor Lab: The computer lab of Department of computer Science is fully air – conditioned 70 systems. All latest software prescribed for conducting B.Sc / BCA practical exam has been installed. Apart from that we have additional software for conducting the summer internship programme. The internship courses are conducted for all first and second year students during summer vocation. We have fully equipped digital lab with 25 Microprocessor and Digital Trainer Kits. 
Association/Club “EXOTIC” – The Computer Science Department Association conducts various programs throughout the year. The Association helps educate the computer science student, and acts as their entry point to the software industry. The Association dedicates itself to advancing the theory, practice and Application of Computer and information processing. The Association recognizes outstanding work by students who advance the field through exceptional technical achievement and service to the profession and to the society. The students are encouraged to participate in various intercollegiate and inter Department competition through the Association. 


ELIGIBILITY : A pass in the Higher Secondary Examination of the Govt. Of Tamil Nadu with Mathematics as one of the subjects or its equivalent recognized by the University of Madras. 
SUBJECTS COVERED : Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Programming with C, Operations Research, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory, Number Theory, Real and Numerical Analysis. 
JOB OPPORTUNITIES : Teacher, Sales Executive, Accountant, Probationary Officer (Bank), Software Developer.
  • Mrs. Kripa .K, M.Sc., M.Phil. - HOD
  • Mrs. D. Devakirubanithi, M.Sc.,M.Phil.
  • Mrs. P. Mala,M.Sc.,M.Phil.
  • Mrs. V.R. Bindu Kumari, M.Sc.,M.Phil.
  • Mrs. Shiju. K. Binu, M.Sc B.Ed., M.Sc.(IT)., M.Phil.
  • Ms.V.Sivasankari, M.Sc.
  • Mrs. P. Punitha Elizabeth, M.Sc.,M.Phil.
  • Mr.M.Imayavaramban, M.Sc.,M.Phil.
  • Mrs. P. Indira, M.Sc.,M.Phil.
Association/Club The Mathematics association “ZOOM INTO SIGMA” was born in the year 2004. The main objective of the association is to accelerate the learning of Mathematics and to inculcate interest in the subject. The association activities like.
  • Guest lecture by eminent personalities of Mathematics department form various Colleges.
  • Inter – departmental competitions.
  • Power point presentation.
  • Education tour.
Was organized frequently to provide an opportunity to the students to explore the latest


ELIGIBILITY :  A pass in the Higher Secondary Examination of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu or its equivalent recognized by the University of Madras. Knowledge in Biology preferred. 
SUBJECTS COVERED : General Psychology, Bio Psychology, Principles of Sociology, Social Anthropology, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Statistical Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Psycho pathology, Psychological Research Measurement, Applied Psychology, Social Psychology, Health Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Counselling and Guidance, Human Resource Management. 
JOB OPPORTUNITIES : Psychologist (Clinical, Counselling, Industrial), Human Resource Personnel, Teaching, Research.
  • Dr.Mrs. Reya Ajit Balan, M.A.,Ph.D. - HOD
  • Ms. G. Lavanya, M.Sc.,M.Phil.
  • Mrs. M.S.Sujamani, M.Sc.,M. Phil.
  • Ms.Sugitha, M.Sc.,M.Phil.
Association/Club “MITHRA” The Department association “Mithra” was started in the year 2006. The objective of the association is to make understand the student about their role in bringing rehabilitation to the mentally ill patients, how to give psychological support to the people during the time of economic recession, to educate them how the psychological principles can be applied in all walks of life. Through constant organizational visits, conference, workshops and seminars, the department association “MITHRA” Endeavour to inculcate the students. 

Media Studies

Courses - UNDER GRADUATE COURSES B.Sc. Visual Communication;B.Sc. Electronic Media
POST GRADUATE COURSES M.Sc. Visual Communication;M.Sc. Electronic Media
B.Sc. Visual Communication 
ELIGIBILITY : A pass in the Higher Secondary Examination of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu or its equivalent recognized by the University of Madras.
SUBJECTS COVERED : Elements of Film Studies, Advanced Television Production, Electronic Publishing, Drawing and Graphic Design, Video Production, Script Writing, Ad Photography and Advanced Multimedia. JOB OPPORTUNITIES : Visualizer, Film Director, Art Director, Cartoonist, Copy Writer, Animator, Web Designer, Layout-Designer, Free-Lancer. 
B.Sc. Electronic Media 
ELIGIBILITY : A pass in the Higher Secondary Examination of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu or its equivalent recognized by the University of Madras. 
SUBJECTS COVERED : Development of Electronic Media, Radio Production, Video Editing, Videography, Audiography, Television Production, Video Production, Media, Culture and Society
JOB OPPORTUNITIES : Sound Engineer, Audio Recorder, Studio Technician, Audio Editor, Cameraman, Freelancer, Media Professional, Scrip Writer for Film / Serials, News paper Editor / Reporter, Professional Film Institute, Professional Audiography. 
Courses - M.Sc. Visual Communication 
ELIGIBILITY :  B.Sc.Visual Communication, B.Sc. Electronic Media, B.A. Mass Communication
SUBJECTS COVERED : Introduction to Human Communication, Image and Imagination, Design Principles, Visual Cult and Culture, Writing for the Media, Theories of Visual Analysis, Campaign Strategies, Communication Research Methods, Media Effects & Ethics, Film Genres and Film Makers, Advertising Management, Communication for Development, Contemporary Media Trends, Media Management, Television Production, Advanced Photography, Documentary and Short Film, Internship. JOB OPPORTUNITIES : Visualizers, Art Director, Cartoonist, Copy Writer, Film Director, Media Professional, Graphic Designer, Animator, Lecturership. M.Sc. Electronic Media ELIGIBILITY : B.Sc. Visual Communication, B.Sc. Electronic Media, B.A. Mass Communication. SUBJECTS COVERED : Introduction to Communication, Broadcasting History and Regulation, Television Production, Videography, Writing for Electronic Media, Media Laws and Ethics, Audiography, Communication Research Methods, Digital Video and Audio Editing, Audio Visual Techniques, Radio Production, Elements of Film, Advanced Graphics and Animation, Communication for Development, Electronic Media Management, Web Designing, Internship, Documentary and Short Films. 
JOB OPPORTUNITIES : Visualizers, Art Director, Cartoonist, Copy Writer, Film Director, Media Professional, Graphic Designer, Animator, Lectureships.
  • Mr. S. Elango, M. Sc. (EM), M.A. (JMC), M.Phil. - HOD
  • Mr. E. Muruganandam, M.A (MCJ), M.A (PA), M.Phil.
  • Mrs. G. Kavitha, M.Sc(EM).,M.Phil.
  • Mr. S.H. Sheik Mohamed, M.A.(JMC).,M.Phil.,M.A.(PA).,M.A.(SW)
  • Mr. A.Nepul Raj, M.A (JMC)., M.A.(JMC)., M.Phil.
  • Mr. P. Raghavkumar, M.A (MCJ)., M.Phil.
  • Mr. S. Sujesh, M.Sc (EM)., M.Phil.
  • Ms. S. Judy Anitha, M.Sc (EM).
  • Mr. N. Vijayakumar, M.A.(JMC).,M. Phil.,M.A.(SW)
  • Mrs. D. Valarmathi, M. Sc. (EM)
  • Mrs. Vasumathi Rao, M.A. (MCJ)
  • Mr.S.Prakash, M.Sc. (EM).
  • Mr.S.Balachandar, M.Sc.
    Technical Staff
  • Mr. Ajith. P. Thomas, B.Sc.(VC)., DAE.
  • Mr.D.Rajesh, B.Tech(IT)., Dip in Animation
    Lab Assistant
  • Mr. V.A.Babu,
  • Mrs. V.Selvamani, B.A., DTP., DCA.
Drawing Lab : The Drawing Lab has a fine infrastructure with many facilities for drawing and Graphic Design works. 
Photography Lab : The lab has latest still cameras for indoor and outdoor shooting. The lab also has a Professional lighting set up in the lab for the shooting purpose. We give camera for the students to shoot inside and outside the college campus.
Videography Lab : The Videography lab has the facility of green matt and blue matt for indoor shooting. We have the latest video cameras for both indoor and outdoor shoot. The Videography lab has separate lighting facility with full fledged professional set up. 
Audio Lab: The Audio Suite has a professional and well defined acoustic setup as a part of Post – Production process like dubbing and recording. The Suite also has the original software of latest version of Nuendo and Protool. We have two consoles. Talk back mic and high defined Microphone in the audio suite. Editing Lab : The Video Editing lab has the original software’s of Final Cut Pro (FCP). Avid and Adobe Premiere Software’s to capture and edit the videos. 
Audio Visual Room : The Audio visual room is used for the purpose of screening classical movies and documentaries for the students. It has the facility of qualified home theatre system and a big screen for projection. 
Multimedia Lab: The multimedia lab has a full set up for designing and modeling. The students have the facility to work in the system individually. We teach latest animation software and designing software for the students. We also have the facility of projector in the lab to teach the students. CG Lab (Computer Graphics Lab) : We have separate lab for the Post graduate students. We have the facility of latest software for designing & Modeling & special Effects. They do have combustion, after effect Maya software’s. Association/Club “Media Icon” --- “F - STOP ‘09” --- “REAR 2010” --- Lumen’s 10 

Department of Tamil

  • Dr. P. Shanmugam, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. - HOD
  • Mr. M. Rassul Jayapathy, M.A., M.Phil.
  • Mrs. P.K. Manimegalai, M.A., M.Phil.
  • Dr. Premkumar, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • Dr.(Ms.)P.Devaki, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D
Association/Club “Saaral”

Department of Malayalam

  • Mr. P.V. Biju, M.A.,M.Phil.,B. Ed.
Association/Club “Kalpanam” Association 

Department of Hindi

  • Mrs. P. Lalitha Kumari, M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.
Association/Club “SURABHI” Association

Department of French

  • Mrs. V. Helen Jovitha, M.A.,M.Phil.
  • Mrs. M. Balkish Beevi, MCA., DELF.
Association/Club “LA SAGESSE” Association




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